When they told me that I was positive, I was not shocked at all. I knew my behavior had been bad. I had many girlfriends. I was a playboy. You can see how handsome I am. But I was destroying my life. So I told myself that it was time for me to change. I really wanted to live. I really love life.

The same day I found out my HIV status, I went straight to my mother’s house and told her. She didn’t want to show me that she was very sad, so she said, “You are positive? So what?” I realized that she was trying to uplift me, to tell me I didn’t have to give up. So I started to think positively, to take medication, and to pick up my life.

I’ve got two children in my current relationship, and I’m living with three others. Their mothers just said, “You know what? Take care of these children.” I’m so happy that they are part of my life.

As a father, I see that it’s important to take care of my children. My father didn’t take care of me because of his many wives. I realize that I used to be like him. Then I saw that it was important to change my life completely, to think positively, to take care of everything, to rectify all the mistakes that I had made in my life.

I always want to be happy, because it motivates me and makes me strong. When I become sad, I can feel it in my body—it’s not good for me. That’s why I’ve changed.